We deal with the professional planning and implementation of trips, excursions and overnight stays in Venezuela. The value o our company is based primarily on the company's extensive knowledge of the regions and the knowledge of local resources.

COVEDET, as a local planner, has expertise in transportation, hotel, and other travel services that provide the best service within an available budget. We understand the cultural norms and expectations. As local planners, we know where and how to find the most helpful and professional staff and the best travel routes. 

Our in-depth, local knowledge of Venezuela, particularly with regard to the local coordination and implementation of travel programs, makes us a highly specialized consultant for practically all aspects. 

The COVEDET team is also characterized by decades of experience working with indigenous peoples and developing trips with small groups to the remote areas of Venezuela. Activities such as trekking, birdwatching, wildlife observation, camping are our specialty. Community-based tourism and cooperation with small family businesses are very important to us and are included in the travel programs whenever possible. 

Through decades of relationships with service providers, COVEDET has a seamless network of accommodation and transport of all kinds throughout Venezuela. 



  • Simple accommodations with families or in Indian communities for the area of “Community
  • Based Tourism”. 
  • SPA's for the wellness area. 
  • 3 to 5-star hotels in most cities across the country. 
  • Lodge's in the national parks and in the remote forests and savannas. Inn's at the most beautiful beaches on the Venezuelan Caribbean coast.


  • Small cars for FIT's 
  • Toyota Land Cruiser 
  • 8 seater minibuses. 
  • 24 seat Coaster Toyota. 
  • 56 seated intercity buses. 
  • Cessna 206 - small aircraft for 5 passengers. 
  • Cessna Caravan - small aircraft for 12 passengers. 
  • Bell 206 - 4 - passengers helicopter. 
  • Bell 206 Long - 6 - passenger helicopter. 
  • Motorized dugout canoes for up to 14 passengers. 
  • Motor boats of all kinds for the coastal area. 
  • Catamarans up to 80 people.